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Shop Rate $85 Per Hour

Aftermarket parts installation - Per Hour Rate

Tire Changes and Service

Tire disposal $4

Balance $10

​Per Wheel

              Dirt Tire and Tube change                                          Street Tire Change                                                 Baggers and Full Dressers     

               Off the Bike     $25                                                              Off the Bike    $25                                               Bagger wheels off the bike $25   

            On the Bike     $50                                                              On the Bike    $50                                               Bagger wheels on the bike $85

Suspension Services

Fork Seal Service off the bike Drop off your forks and we will replace the fork seals dust seals and add fresh Motorex oil  - $150 w/Moose seals
​                                                                                                                                                                                                         - $200 w/SKF seals

Shock Seal Service off the bike - Drop off your shock and we will replace the seals and add fresh Oil - $85 + Parts

Suspension Lowering -  bring us your suspension and we can lower it so you can touch the ground - $360

Suspension Setup - come down with your bike and we can set the suspension to your weight and riding style - Per hour rate applies 

2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Pipe Repair

Off the bike. Mashed up Pipes can effect the performance of your bike, not to mention it looks ugly.  - $60

Tune-Up Services

These services are price  + parts

Once Over - An in depth visual inspection of the bike. Any bike that comes in for service gets this. Free

Ready to Race Service - We give your bike the same 14 point service we give our own bikes before a race - $85.00

Oil Change dirt bikes - Change oil, filter and clean screen - $42.50

Oil Change Street/Adventure bikes - Change oil, filter and clean screen - $42.50 up to $85

By The Hour Services

Valve Adjustment -  check and adjust valves $85 up to $150 or per hour

Carburetor Cleaning - removal, disassemble and cleaning of carburetor $85 up to $250 or per hour