part 4

Ready to build

The frame has arrived! Thanks to Jenfab Steelfor the custom welding of the upper exhaust tab, that was missing, & Linder Custom Coatings for the powder coating. The suspension will be going on first, after it gets new springs, seals & fluid. New bearings will also be installed all around, giving the chassis a tight, new bike feeling!



part 2

the tear down

Even though the initial  ride went well, I knew there was some serious work to be done to it in order to get it where I wanted.  And with 4+ inches of snow falling on the valley floor, I knew this would be a perfect time to start tearing it down.

part 1

the assessment.

They say "beauty is in the eye of the beer holder" or something like that. While this gem of a trade-in may look good from across the room, once you get her out of the bar and into some decent light, the faults & flaws start to really come out!  With an upcoming ride the next day, I decided to give the bike a good once over to make sure it wouldn't leave me stranded. Here is a quick run down of what I found. The battery was dead, the starter seized, both pipe hangers missing, rear brakes didn't work, missing hardware in clutch lever, bald rear tire, flat front tire, torn & mud caked air filter, loose shifter & kickstarter, seized brake pedal and the steering felt like is was full of gravel! 5 hours later, it was trail worthy. While I wasn't able to fix everything, I was ready for the trail.

OMA-KTM Bike Build

Follow us through this wintertime project as we take a very neglected 2011 KTM 250XC, strip it down and re-build it. Giving this, not so old, steed a second chance to get out and win some races. Keep checking back with us as we will be posting the progress of the build as well as showing you some trick new products.

Part 6

Judging from the looks of everything else, it was a safe bet to assume that the fork oil has never been changed and or it was in need of service. Since becoming a 30+ rider, I have also jumped into the 180+ weight category. So the XC needed to be re-sprung for my 30+, semi-athletic physique. A quick call to our good friends at NV2/Steahly Offroad and we were set up with the proper springs and setup.

part 3

the wish list

Dear Santa...

  • KTM factory orange frame
  • FMF Factory Fatty pipe
  • TM Design Works kit
  • Hammerhead control kit
  • 2013 Plastic kit
  • 2013 Graphics
  • BRP rubber under-bar mount
  • Race Tech suspension
  • To be continued...



As you can see, the motor is in need of some serious help too. The starter and ignition area looked as if it was used as a boat anchor out at sea for the past 3 years! It is truly amazing how bad things can get when they are neglected. A starter rebuild kit from Slavens Racing and a new Feather Weight Lithium battery from WPS will be needed to get that magic button working again. With parts of the motor in this condition, you can imagine what the rest of the bearings look like!

The Finished product

There is nothing quite like installing that last bolt, or putting a final sticker on that finally completes a long awaited bike build. In my mind, this is almost better than buying a new bike. Sure its a few years old, but I personally know that every nut & bolt has been checked and every worn or damaged part has been replaced. Being able to ride a bike  that was once just a roached pile of nuts & bolts is something so gratifying! Thanks to everyone that helped out. OMA-KTM (obviously), JenFab custom welding/powdercoating, IGFX, Hammerhead Designs, FMF, TM Design Works, WPS, & Parts Unlimited. Contact us if you have a project you need done or help with.Now, on to the next project...

Part 7


Now comes the fun part. Piece by glorious piece, the assembly begins. Sure it can be tedious, but oh so rewarding.Its a good thing I have an endless supply of KTM parts at my fingertips. With all sorts of random nuts and bolts that I am having to change, my parts bill is adding up fast!!!