While we were installing the new headlight, we also installed our heated grips and wired in all of the front turn signals & flasher. This is a very tedious task! The more time you spend on routing the wires, the better it will go back together and look. We like to make any aftermarket wiring look as factory as possible. The ODI Rogue grips offer some more comfort VS. the stock ones and the multi function switch from Sicass Racing is a slimmer design and also allows for the headlight to be switched completely off if needed. 

KTM 690 Bike Build

One of the easiest things to replace to save weight was the battery. The WPS lightweight lithium batteries are awesome! We have been selling them since they came out and have been the best performing & lasting battery! Ditching the old battery for this one will save about 5 lbs!!! 
We also installed the KTM hard parts ABS Dongle so when we turn the ABS off it stays off, even after turning the bike off and back on again. It also enables you to switch to a "Bad Fuel" map setting if you find yourself putting some questionable fuel in the bike.

The Parts List:

Seat Concepts is hands down the best looking, most comfortable, and best quality seat out there! The best part is that it ships as a complete seat so you literally just put it on! No tools required! Click Here for more info. ​​ 

KTM Hard parts offers a really good radiator guard. It protects the tanks on the end and gives some impact protection as well. 

Upgrading the stock headlight bulb with a Cyclops ADV sports LED bulb is a must! Super easy to install and such a vast improvement over the stock one. Well worth the money! We also changed out the little running light for an LED to make everything look the same. 
Click here for more info

There are only a few good options out there for intake mods. We didn't want to go too crazy and remove the entire air box because when you do such a drastic mod like that, you usually have to get a Power Commander to get it to run good. After doing some digging in the KTM Hardparts catalogs we found this cool vented air box lid. It was actually part of a performance kit for the 08'-10' 690 SMC. We were lucky enough to be able to order just the lid and with a couple modifications it fit perfectly! Used in conjunction with the UNI foam air filter, the lid provides just enough of extra venting while keeping the dirt out of the engine and it runs great too! The guys at Rottweiler Performance got us set up with a couple of fueling dongles to help it run better too.  

There are endless ways to build and modify a KTM 690 enduro. We set out to build one a little different. We wanted a bike versatile enough to handle both long adventures but more importantly, mashing the local single-track around our area! This meant taking a sort of "minimalist" approach to the build. We had three main objectives. Get the weight down as much as possible, making it more comfortable and able to carry luggage or fuel without being too bulky. ​From our previous experience building up KTM EXC's, we pretty much already knew what parts work good and which ones don't. 

Luggage is another topic that has a very wide range of solutions. It varies depending on your taste, what your going to be hauling, for how long and so on... For this build we knew we wanted something slim and light weight. That eliminated hard boxes right away. We gave our good local buddies at Giant Loop over in Bend a call and they got us set up with the Great Basin saddlebag. It's sealed up like a huge dry bag so everything is dry and dust free. It can be tied down small and compact when its not full and even when its stuffed, its still not that bulky or awkward. 

KTM Hardparts also offers a very nice alloy skidplate that offers great protection without being overly bulky like some of the others.

More coming soon!!!

Having previously used Fastway's Evo Air footpegs on other bikes, it was the obvious choice for this build. The Adventure pegs are much wider and have way more grip vs. the stock ones. They come in black, orange or silver. You can customize the peg too. There are different height cleat pins to make a custom fit and the angle is adjustable as well. While we are talking foot controls, we went ahead and put a CNC Billet shifter from Hammerhead. They offer different size shift tips depending on your feet size. A slight modification had to be made to clear the shift position sensor when up shifting. We added a carbon fiber look to the countershaft sprocket cover that is actually just a sticker!


Getting rid of the big ole' tail light & blinkers that will inevitably get busted off is the next order of business. We did some research and found that KTM makes a "slim" tail section & light that they equip on their bikes sold in Europe so the fit is perfect! There was even enough room to install the flush mount blinkers from Sicass Racing. Those also plug right into the factory plugs on the bike. The more time you take lining up the blinkers & tucking in the wires under the fender, the better everything will look and last without having any pinching issues down the road. 

While we were bolting everything back together we installed the rear rack plate from Nomadic Racks. It is clean, simple, & very strong without being too overly heavy. It will allow for the attachment of any tail bag or RotoPax fuel cell in the future. 


It should look something like this!

NOTE* Be sure to grind off sharp edges on the clip nut that the plastic attaches to! We have seen multiple cases where a simple tip over can cause that sharp edge to puncture the radiator tank!