KTM 350 EXC-F bike build


     Looking at getting a new or used KTM dual sport EXC but don't know what mods to outfit your new ride with. Well look no further. We have been pimpin' these bikes out for about 5 years now. Trying just about every part from the most expensive carbon/billet bling to the guys making parts out of their garage. We'll discuss what the "must have" parts are and the "nice to have" ones are too. Now before you go blasting away on that keyboard telling us how "that part sucks" or "I would never..." keep in mind that this is just our personal opinion and yours might be different. We have personally tested all of the products we sell and we are not going to push something just because someone gave us a break on the parts.  

     The "Must Haves" might differ from person to person depending on what kind of riding they are doing. The goal with our bike build is to unleash the true potential of the mighty KTM. Sure you can go buck wild and put on 8 gallon tanks and outfit them to ride around the world, but that's not what we are about. We ride dirt bikes in the woods, on the track, and on the streets so it needs to be able to do all of that and do it well.

     The first "must have" is to change out the stock blinkers and tail section for the slimmer LED light set up from Sicass Racing. If you do any off road riding, the rear tire will eventually gobble up the stock tail section and or you will end up kicking off one of the rear blinkers as you swing a leg over the bike. The front deflectors with the integrated LED blinkers are mounted up to the Cycra ProBend handguards. This makes for a super sleek look and really easy to install. The connectors from Sicass plug right into the existing factory KTM wires. We also ditched the stock mirror for the Double Take mirror set up. With an easy way to fold it down and a lifetime warranty against breaking, it's the obvious choice.

*note: The tail section shown is actually the OEM tail section and tail light from a 2017 XC-W. At the time of this build the Sicass product was not available. Both tail sections will work but the Sicass Ez-Fit tail section is much easier to install and has more room for the flush blinkers.

     The FMF Factory 4.1 RCT titanium anodized slip on with carbon fiber end cap was our choice for the exhaust. The stock one is way too restrictive which builds up a ton of heat and restricts a lot of power as well. In the past we were able to just put a Pro Moto Billet end cap on the stock pipe and it worked great for a lot less money. But the new model EXC's require a lot more work because of a secondary cone type restriction type baffle dead center in the middle of the muffler can. So for the simplicity of things we just slipped on a whole new can. Obviously there is cheaper ones out there but hey, who doesn't like a little bling.

​     Next on the "must have" list is updating the stock seat. Although they have gotten better in the past few years, they are still very uncomfortable after any extended riding. We have tried quite a few of the aftermarket seats out there and Seat Concepts makes the best, most comfortable seat out there! They have a few different options too. You can get a short or tall version and various combos of material too. We opt for the complete seat but if your good at installing your own seats they offer a foam and cover kit only that saves some money. 

     This might fall into the "nice to have" category but if you do any sort of night riding it will be one of the "must haves". The LED replacement bulb from Cyclops ADV. Sports is by far the best choice. With the ease of just plugging the new light in, 3,600 lumens and a 12 month warranty, you can't go wrong. No stator mods or special wiring is required either. 

​     Another item that is on the border of a want or a need is the 3.1 gallon oversize tank from Acerbis. Depending on what kind of riding you will be doing will be the deciding factor when going with a bigger tank. The fit and looks of the Acerbis tank is great. Yea it's not the semi-clear color that allows you to see your fuel level but it has a low fuel light that lets you know when its time to start looking for that next gas station. 

     In the past KTM would spec crazy small rear sprockets on the EXC's. The reasoning behind that was the "drive by" sound tests that they have to abide by to become street legal. Makes for lower RPM's at cruising speeds but pretty useless up in the woods. The fix is obviously changing the gearing. We went with the KTM hard parts sprocket made by Super Sprox. We have found that 14/48 offers a good mix performing off road as well as on the road too. 

​     Getting into more of the "nice to have" items are the guards to protect your new ride. Well some people will say they are a must where others say no. We kept with the sleek black theme and put on the KTM hard parts swingarm protectors, KTM skid plate, KTM rear disk guard (not pictured) and the Acerbis front disk guard. All of them obviously add that cool look factor while offering protection against the elements. 

     You've probably noticed we did not change the tires. The TKC 80 tires they spec are surprisingly good all around tires. Obviously you would change the tires depending on the kind of riding you are doing or on based on your personal preference. 

     We generally stock all of the parts used for this build. We can outfit any new or used bike just like this or you can pick and choose which parts you would like. If you are outfitting a new bike you get 15% off all of the parts and a huge discount on labor.

     We all know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to aftermarket parts for your bike, we get that. But we are in the dirt bike/dual sport business and have been for the past 10 years. We deal with good and bad products every day. We know what works and what is basically a piece of crap with a fancy guarantee on the box. So for now, for your sake, for your daughter's sake, ya might wanna think about buying quality products for your bike that actually work.