Come check out the new 18's and our updated showroom!

Remember when....

You were a kid and you'd watch your Dad or Uncle fixing the family bike. Or how you'd ride your bicycle to the local MC shop and watch the owner/ mechanic with wide eyes and wonder. Or when you were dragged along to the shop and watch your dad BS with the shop owner. That's what we aspire to be, the hang out, an elite club where the only requirement is a love for motorcycles

At OMA-KTM, we specialize in motorcycle tours for established and expert riders. Oregon Motorcycle Adventures is the Pacific Northwest's premier motorcycle sales/service & tour company.  Based out of the beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.

The Team

Randy "Boney" Pekarek-

Boney is a KTM as well as a Yamaha & Harley Davidson Certified mechanic. Almost 20 years of wrenching and riding has had him fixing HD's, Yamaha's, Kawi's, KTM's Scooters to Full Dressers. Randy is one of the most talented Mechanics Southern Oregon has. Give us a chance, and I'm confident we can earn your business. Follow the link to our service menu.

Jeff Moffet

Jeff's Idea to introduce people to the excitement and adventure of dual sporting was the motivating factor behind opening a shop. His passion is clearly visible in the hobbies and clubs he's is a part of, Motorcycle Riders Association and Southern Oregon Karting are just two of them. He also actively helps riders of all ages with his rider discount program.

Dustin Kuykendall 

He's back!‚Äč


The Dream

It was a sunny day in 1999. Oregon Motorcycle Adventures founders Brent and Jeff Moffet were up on one of Southern Oregon's awesome trails when they stopped to take a break. As they were taking in the beauty of the countryside they thought "You know, this is awesome!". The Oregon Motorcycle Adventures seed was planted.